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EDIMS 2.6 Earns ONC Health IT Certification from Drummond Group LLC


Parsippany, N.J. – February 27, 2018 -Envision Physician Services’ EDIMS 2.6 has achieved Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC-Health IT) 2014 Edition Health IT Module Certification via Drummond Group LLC, an Authorized Certification Body (ACB)that has been empowered to test software for compliance with the requirements of the federal government’s program. The stamp of approval designates that the software offers the functionality that enables eligible providers and hospitals to meet Meaningful Use requirements, qualifying these organizations to receive payments under the ongoing EHR adoption program.

"This certification is another milestone in our storied, 30-year history of developing electronic health record systems for and by practicing emergency physicians" said Bernard P. Lang, Vice President, IT, Envision Physician Services. To earn the certification, EDIMS 2.6 was tested to be in accordance with applicable standards and certification criteria put forth by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

With more than 15 years of testing experience across various industries, Drummond Group LLC (DG) brings a high level of technical expertise to this process. Its healthcare experience also runs deep, having certified hundreds of EHRs since becoming an ACB in 2010.

EDIMS 2.6, which meets the requirements for 2014 Edition Health IT Module Certification, is a product of Envision Physician Services, and was certified on 2/16/2018 for the 2014 Edition with certification number 140237R00. It is an Emergency Department Information Management solution containing the following components: Physician Notes, Tracking Board with alerts and timestamps, Nursing Documentation, including triage, assessments and progress notes, CPOE, Discharge Instructions, Prescription Writer (including ePrescribing), Facility Charge Capture, and Reporting.

"This Health IT Module is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONCACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services."

EDIMS Version 2.6 meets the following certification criteria:
170.314(a) Clinical

  • 170.314(a)(1) - Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)
  • 170.314(a)(2) - Drug-Drug, Drug-Allergy Interaction Checks
  • 170.314(a)(3) - Demographics
  • 170.314(a)(4) - Vital signs, body mass index, and growth charts
  • 170.314(a)(6) - Medication List
  • 170.314(a)(7) - Medication Allergy List
  • 170.314(a)(9) - Electronic Notes
  • 170.314(a)(10) - Drug-Formulary Checks
  • 170.314(a)(11) - Smoking Status
  • 170.314(a)(12) - Image Results
  • 170.314(a)(13) - Family Health History
  • 170.314(a)(14) - Patient List Creation
  • 170.314(a)(17) - Advance Directives

170.314(b) Care Coordination

  • 170.314(b)(1) - Transitions of Care - receive, display, and incorporate transition of care/referral summaries
  • 170.314(b)(2) - Transitions of Care - create and transmit transition of care/referral summaries
  • 170.314(b)(3) - Electronic Prescribing

170.314(c) Clinical Quality Measures

  • 170.314(c)(1) - Clinical quality measures - capture and export
  • 170.314(c)(2) - Clinical quality measures - import and calculate
  • 170.314(c)(3) - Clinical quality measures - electronic submission

170.314(d) Privacy and Security

  • 170.314(d)(1) - Authentication, access control, and authorization
  • 170.314(d)(3) - Audit Report(s)
  • 170.314(d)(5) - Automatic log-off
  • 170.314(d)(6) - Emergency access
  • 170.314(d)(7) - End-User Device Encryption
  • 170.314(d)(8) – Integrity

170.314(f) Public Health

  • 170.314(f)(1) - Immunization Information
  • 170.314(f)(3) - Transmission to Public Health Agencies - Syndromic Surveillance

170.314(g) Utilization

  • 170.314(g)(1) - Automated Numerator Recording
  • 170.314(g)(3) - Safety-enhanced design
  • 170.314(g)(3) - 170.314(g)(4) - Quality Management System


The clinical quality measures to which EDIMS Version 2.6 has been certified include:
CMS 32v2, 55v2 and 111v2.
The additional software relied upon to comply with one or more of the certification criteria include: Callibra Discharge 123, Izenda Reports, First Databank National Drug File (NDDF), DrFirst Rcopia, and MaxMD.
The additional types of costs that an Eligible Hospital would pay to implement this EHR MODULES’s capabilities in order to attempt to meet meaningful use objectives and measures include: Implementation fees, Yearly maintenance and 3rd party costs associated with the following: Callibra Discharge 123, Izenda Reports, First Databank National DrugData File (NDDF) and DrFirst Rcopia.


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About Drummond Group LLC
Drummond Group LLC is a global software test and certification lab that serves a wide range of vertical industries. In healthcare, Drummond Group LLC tests and certifies Controlled Substance Ordering Systems (CSOS), Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS) software and processes, and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) – designating the trusted test lab as the only third-party certifier of all three initiatives designed to move the industry toward a digital future. Founded in 1999, and accredited for the Office of the National Coordinator Health IT Certification Program as an Authorized Certification Body (ACB) and an Authorized Test Lab (ATL), Drummond Group LLC continues to build upon its deep experience and expertise necessary to deliver reliable and cost-effective services. For more information, please visit