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Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources


Emergency Medical Associates is a data-driven practice that consistently measures key metrics of ED performance. Our clinicians are supported by a team of seasoned professionals who provide patient tracking, documentation and information management tools, performance reporting services and other products to support the operations of our clients' emergency departments. 

These systems streamline ED operations, boost workflow efficiency and enable physicians to focus on the delivery of higher quality care. Our powerful value-added support services include:

EDIMS -  ED Information Management System

Automated comprehensive patient tracking and documentation software system including Nursing Documentation, Triage, Prescription Writer, Computerized Physician’s Order Entry, and Facility Charge and Supply Capture.

WEBEMARS™ -  Web-enabled Emergency Medicine Analysis & Reporting System

Data warehouse of robust information for accurate analysis and decisions.

ED Solutions -  ED Operational Improvement

Experienced ED clinicians and administrators provide:

    • ED Assessment
    • ED data analysis, simulation, reports and benchmarking
    • Proven strategies for patient satisfaction score enhancement
    • Nurse Manager Support – Nurse manager operational support education
    • ED Compliance – Best practice solutions for Joint Commission and patient safety initiatives