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What EMA Offers Physicians

What EMA Offers Physicians


Since 1977, Emergency Medical Associates has offered opportunities for all physicians to participate in the group’s  governance and decision-making processes. This has enabled us to attract and retain quality career emergency physicians and long-term hospital clients, leading to outstanding tenured work opportunities and business success.  
As an EMA employee, you will join more than 400 physicians who provide exceptional patient care services in more than 30 emergency departments. EMA offers a variety of practice opportunities, ranging from community hospitals to trauma centers and teaching institutions.



EMA’s data-driven system allows us to optimize productivity, efficiency and collections at each site, resulting in highly competitive compensation for our physicians. Our performance-based compensation program also offers opportunities for additional compensation.
EMA provides one of the most comprehensive benefits plans, including health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance, as well as retirement programs specifically designed for physicians. Malpractice insurance also is provided for all physicians.




Because Emergency Medical Associates owns its practice management company, extensive support contributes to our ability to meet the professional and personal needs of our physicians while achieving patient satisfaction and appropriate reimbursement.
Support programs include:

Billing and Collections is provided by our own highly specialized billing company with more than 25 years experience in medical billing. Our proprietary billing software program addresses the innumerable billing requirements presented by various payers.

EDIMS, the electronic medical record and patient tracking system designed by our physicians, addresses clinical documentation, protocols and efficiencies in the practice.

Clinical Information Managers are medical scribes who assist in documentation, gathering information and expediting patient disposition. Benefits of this service include increased patient satisfaction, increased physician performance, improved accuracy and timeliness of the medical record.

ED Solutions, EMA's consulting arm, provides expertise in best practices, performance improvement, comprehensive ED assessments, patient satisfaction, team productivity and “virtual ED” computer simulation modeling.

Malpractice Insurance/Risk Management Services are ongoing to ensure risks are minimized and compliance is achieved.